James Hedberg

Educational Multimedia

Educational media has evolved significantly in recent years. Learners expect a rich dynamic experience now, as opposed to the static pages of a textbook. Internet deployment and active elements in courses are key elements for the modern classroom. Check out these recent examples of my work.

Superconducting Levitation

To demonstrate superconductive levitation effects, I constructed this model train set - oh yeah, it floats! Here is a 2 min video describing the train and some of the physics behind it.

Generator Animation

This is a 1 minute movie documenting a windmill electricity generator. A quick live action segment showing the set up is followed by some animation describing how the generator works.

Build a Speaker

This is a short animation describing how to make a speaker with just some household objects.

Rubber Bands and Entropy

Here's a quick little animation showing how the polymer makeup of a rubber band leads to some slightly unusual characteristics. If you stretch a rubber band, it gets hot and cools as the tension is released.

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Flash Based Physics Class

I was part of a development team that created an online physics course for the University of Texas Distance education program. My role was to write scripts for voice actors, and create integrated Flash animations to illustrate the physics being taught.

flash physics
  • Topics covered: Classical Mechanics, Waves, Modern physics, E&M,
  • Animated with Flash.

Expanding Universe Visualization

An update to the Expanding Universe visualization. Now you can click anywhere to select a new ‘center of the universe’ and choose from a few different views.