James Hedberg

Scientific Visualization

When discoveries are communicated, the audience expects a visual component to accompany that communication. I have provided stunning artwork for research groups around the world which they use in their publications and presentations. Check out these recent examples of my work.

nature nano

This was a conceptual model for a Nature Nanotech News & Views, used to illustrate the physics behind Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy.

Here are a few frames from a series of images showing how localized application of small forces can affect neuronal transport and structural integrity. [Hover over the image for a zoom]


A cantilever based molecular detected, visualized for a publication illustration in the journal Nanotechnology. Of course, the adsorbed molecules are not quite to scale with the cantilever, but we have to make some sacrifices at times.


DNA modeled and a diagram composed for an Angewandte cover, 2011.


Metallated DNA junctions, visualized for a journal cover.

nature nano 2009

3D DNA geometries modeled for a journal illustration. Published in Nature Nanotech in 2009.

nature nano

Device geometry for a gnarly Coulomb drag experiment published in Nature Nanotech in 2011.

nano pores

DNA in nanopores for V. Tabard-Cossa Lab.

prl nano flow

Visualization of a nanoscale flow system helped convey the experiments that drove this research in quantum nanofluidics. This illustration was included in a recent Physical Review Letters publication.