James Hedberg

Internet Media

Science created the Internet. It's only fitting therefore, that it should have a solid representation online. I've worked with several science research organizations and individuals to make sure they have strong footing when it comes to a web presence. Check out these recent examples of my work.

The WOW lab

The WOWLab is a major initiative from the Faculties of Education and Science at McGill University. The goal is to develop new teaching instruments for k-12 teachers across Canada. I have been responsible for most of the media content and its online dissemination to teachers. This has resulted in a bi-lingual, large scale website with hundreds of documents available for download.

  • Bilingual
  • dynamic selection for grade level and discipline.
  • Written Using: PHP, JQuery, XML, CSS, and HTML.
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The RQMP is a Provincial cluster funded by the Quebec government. It brings together local researchers active in Condensed Matter Physics in the hopes of fostering collaboration and promoting discoveries. I was hired to build their new website with the prime goal of showcasing individual researchers and their research projects.

  • Bilingual
  • Wordpress driven CMS
  • mySQL database to track research projects and researchers
  • Written Using: PHP, mySQL, CSS, and HTML
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Research Lab of Sabrina Leslie

This project was the creation of a simple lab web page for a new faculty member at McGill University. I worked closely with her to create a bold, inviting page to help recruit new students and promote her research to a wide audience. It included a responsive design to enable facile mobile viewing.

  • fully responsice media query based design
  • CSS3 and HTML5
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Center for the Physics of Materials

The Center for the Physics of Materials at McGill needed a new webpage to promote their researchers. I talked with the different research groups involved and created a site that shows off what the center is up to.

  • CSS, and HTML
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McGill Microfab

The McGill Microfab, a user based semiconductor fab needed a fresh look to advertise their services for the academic and industrial communities. I worked closely with the fab manager and public relations offices to create a site that would be able to easily display the wide variety of services and equipment available.

  • mySQL database to track over 100 pieces of microfab tools
  • Written Using: PHP, mySQL, CSS, and HTML


This is an ecommerce site for Qatalogue, a unique purveyor of fine goods from Portland, Oregon.

  • Magento custom theme
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Ben Shook Studios

A large scale portfolio/gallery site for Ben Shook studios out of Portland, Oregon. The site features many pieces of furniture, construction, and industrial design.

ben shook
  • dynamic XML galleries
  • Custom Wordpress integration
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