James Hedberg


Most of my work in physics has dealt with investigations into nanoscale materials and phenomena. Here are some images from the land of the very small that I find compelling.

  • This is a rolled up carpet of CVD grown carbon nanotubes.

  • The carbon nanotubes sometimes came out of the oven looking like this.

  • Here we see a TEM image of some DNA wrapped around a carbon nanotube. (scale bars are 10 nm)

  • I used to spent a lot time staring down the eyepiece of a transmission electron microscope. We put all kinds of crazy stuff in there. Here are some more carbon nanotubes.

  • Here's a carbon nanotube suspended across a small trench.

  • We also made nanowires out of other elements. Here's a few tungsten oxide wires in the TEM.

  • Like any experiments, sometimes you don't quite get what you were hoping for. This is some very random, not very usefull but kinda cool looking carbon growth from a CVD run.

  • Here's an example of a working nanotube transistor... maybe oneday it'll be in your cell phone. (yikes, it looks like I was still using excel to plot data back then... no excuse for that.)