James Hedberg

Physics Animations

I end up making a lot of animations and images for my intro physics lectures. Here are some which I'd like to share with those in need of such materials.


A spring and mass oscillating. Download movie here

A spring and mass oscillating, showing the transformation of energy from potential to kinetic and back again, and again, and again, ... Download movie here

Here's a simple ball rolling in the bottom of a cylinder. For small angles, it acts like a SHO. Download movie here

A simple pendulum animated. Download movie here

A coin rotating showing the direction of the static friction force. Download movie here

A simplified version of earth in its orbit, showing the direction of the gravity force vector. Download movie here

A tennis ball being swung around on a string. Here we see the tension force pointing towards the center. Download movie here

The centripetal acceleration vector of a pawn on a rotating record player Download movie here

A model of air particles in a tube creating a standing wave. (Inspired by Daniel Russell.) Download movie here

Who's moving, you or the other train? Download movie here