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Here are few graphics for use in talks, posters, websites, or whatever. Just use the download links on the right to access the full resolution version. (If you do use them, please provide attribution as outlined in the CC license below each image. Go ahead and send me a note if you're not sure what this means.) If you want to see some other systems or structures here, let me know and I'll try to add some more. Have fun!

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buckyball 3D model
buckyball 3D model
carbon nanotube
cnt FET
graphene atomic view
graphene close up
graphene corner
graphene on substrate
graphene on substrate
graphene sheet
graphene sheet
graphene sheet (lens blur)
graphene sheet (topview)
graphene sheet 2
graphene transistor
graphene transistor cartoon
graphene transistor cartoon (labeled)
model of a classical atom
nv center
simple graphene sheet
wavy graphene

cnt FET

An 'idealized' carbon nanotube field effect transistor. Of course, a few liberties were taken.
carbon nanotube field effect transistor